Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ballerina Doll

I'm really excited about this doll because I made up the pattern myself. My niece, Emma, just turned 1 years old, and I was thinking about how she likes to dance and thought it would be fun to make her a ballerina doll. Grandma always said that little girls needed a dolly. So I started crocheting a doll and just hoped it would turn out, and it worked! I really like this doll and Emma likes it too, she gives it kisses, it's really cute.

I put leg warmers and ballet slippers on her to make her a little cuter. I was really happy with the result.
The tutu was an afterthought and it is completely removeable, which is fun.
Because I was making up the pattern I had no idea how big she was going to be. Turns out she is about 24" tall, she's almost as big as Emma. My sister Katie said that it wasn't a dolly so much as a companion, because of how big it is. :)

I'm glad Emma enjoys it, I had a lot of fun making it.